Why Choose Us

“Because together we reach your goals of greater well-being”

What is often overlooked in medicine today is the the good old one to one and well informed doctor-patient care.
We want our patients to enjoy all the fruits of their doctor’s education, experience, expertise, and compassion.

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Has this ever happened to you?

You go to a doctor’s appointment hoping for not only a diagnosis but an adequate explanation as to what is going on with you and what you can expect as a prognosis. During the visit, not to fault of their own, the provider rushes through the visit and avoids situations that may require a complicated explanation. This is a living reality for most of patients. If you can get past the happy fake patients on the insurance companies’ TV commercials, the true face of healthcare in U.S. is quite ugly. The system is essentially at the verge of failure. The excessive bureaucracy and shrinking private practice profit margins have led doctors to try to squeeze every minute out of their time. Of course, this means less time with you! If that is good enough for you, we are happy for you and wish you plenty of luck. But if you are unhappy, we might be able to propose an alternative to this reality.

Renewing the Doctor-Patient Relationship

An average primary care office, in order to stay open, must care for around 2-3 thousand patients per year. The result is that the practice becomes driven by medical need not the overall health and well being of patients. In fact, practices under current model should be rewarded for their ability to keep their head above the water. It takes lots of resources to keep a medium to large population of patients HEALTHY, HAPPY and WELL INFORMED. It goes without saying that, the limited financial means and cost of labor for most private practices stand in direct opposition to competent execution of any of the above goals.
On the other hand, concierge doctors see far fewer patients per year. That simply means reallocation of resources to fewer patients and naturally far better results. In this personalized care (Concierge) model patients experience longer and more detailed visits, much better attention from staff when making inquiries, requesting results, refills or appointments.

This collaboration and more intimate relationship with your doctor and staff are the framework of success in concierge models.